2 axis milling machine 5200

The assembly consists of a two-axis lathe, an automatic feeder and a semi-finished product orientation system. On the lathe the spherical turning operation is performed by means of a spherical turning device. The feed and discharge of the parts is done automatically, through a two-axis feeder, which takes the blank out of the guidance system.

Features lathe:

main shaft motor 7,5 kw

– Maximum speed 3000 rpm

flange A2-5

bar capacity 42 mm

height of the axle from the ground 1020 mm

– race x / Z 150 / 280 mm

fast forward speed 15 m/min

Precision: positioning: axis x= 0.01 ; axa z=0.02;

Repeatability: axis x=+/-0.008mm ; axa z=+/-0.008mm;